Having coached and critiqued more than 1,000 presentations at Harvard University, World Class Words helps scholars and professionals worldwide develop their best presentation or correspondence.  

Increasingly, we are expected to convey our expertise and passion through exceptional writing and confident public speaking. Embarking on that journey alone can result in blind spots, missed opportunities, and wasted effort. World Class Words addresses and minimizes your public speaking or writing anxieties, helping you reach your highest goals with tailored action points and helpful feedback.  

The next time I deliver a speech, Jen is at the top my list for a consultation... on numerous occasions, Jen suggested small but powerful changes that gave me goosebumps on my *own* speech! Her work is just outstanding. She is a joy to work with and a true gem!”
— Johannes Jarl

Speech Writing & Public Speaking Coaching

Working one-on-one with clients, we develop the most memorable presentation possible using persuasive language, powerful imagery, and convincing content. Clients receive a minimum of two revisions of their written work with in-depth, useful recommendations, as well as two practice public speaking sessions to eradicate anxious 'tells,' master nonverbal cues, and create a genuine and authentic connection with your audience. 

“Jennifer excels at identifying hot buttons and key points for speakers... but her greatest advantage is her willingness to put herself in the shoes of each individual she works with, using a wide range of communication strategies to empower presenters, helping them to discover and develop their own unique writing or public speaking voice.”
— Isabella Grahsl, Ph.D.
Jennifer’s clear directions and warm personality were instrumental in transforming my own public speaking skills. She helped me craft attention-grabbing openings, getting the most out of the presentation space, and successfully injecting both gravitas and humor into our presentations.”
— Stephen Shaw, CEO, Autometrics

Academic Writing, News Writing, & Professional Communications

Based on several years of experience at Harvard University and abroad, we develop your research, news story, or business correspondence to resonate and linger with your readers. Our services normally include two revisions: one to shape the overall text, and the second to refine the language, delivering the most powerful and effective message. 

Jennifer did fantastic work turning my (Ph.D. dissertation) drafts into coherent, lucid prose... I am enormously grateful for her many hours of attention and cannot recommend her services highly enough.”
— Adam McGee, Ph.D., Harvard Class of 2014
Jen generously provided me with incredibly helpful comments and copy edits on both my senior thesis and graduate school admission essays. She was especially helpful because of her quick turnaround time and flexibility in the types of comments... she provided everything from detailed comments on structure and organization to straightforward copy edits. I highly recommend Jen’s editing services to anyone working on academic or other writing!
— Sam Y., Harvard Class of 2015; Ph.D. candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For rates and availability, please email jennifer_doody@harvard.edu.

Thank you!